Using Cyber #Security As A Competitive Advantage

Do you always wonder why your information technology person drones on and on about cybersecurity while you’re just hoping they don’t notice your eyes starting to glaze over?

As the president of an IT firm, I’ve witnessed this firsthand. But don’t worry, I’ve developed a breakdown of what leaders need to know when it comes to cybersecurity and how you can use it as a real competitive advantage:

Productivity: Many small-business owners, in my experience, envision cybersecurity as “nice to have” in comparison to a must. But cybersecurity should be thought of as a form of business continuity. This gives you the upper-hand when it comes to production. Prepare for hackers with fail-safes, like image-based backups, to set your company up for disaster recovery and misbehaving employees.

Public relations: Not having a real cybersecurity framework can also turn into a PR business killer. Let’s look at this through the eyes of a small-business-level company: Think about how others would perceive your lack of care for their data. To use your cybersecurity as a competitive advantage when it comes to public relations, show your clients how seriously you take the security of their data. And if your competitors’ clients start leaving because of a breach on their end, you will be ready for them. more

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