SecurityTV Now: The United States Marine Corps Vision

The Marine Corps plays an integral role in the National Defense Strategy. Its training, capabilities and global presence ensure that the Navy-Marine Corps team remains an expeditionary force-in-readiness when responding to crises, creating decision space or winning battles. (U.S. Marine Corps video Courtesy of Marine Corps Recruiting Command)

Video Transcript

The battle to keep our nation and it’s people safe, has changed. Our world has become more dangerous and more unpredictable. And those who seek to cause harm and destruction (crowd cheering) take that opportunity all to often. (police sirens) But, America has a powerful response. (guns loading) (dramatic music) (planes soaring) (dramatic music) America has it’s Marine’s. (dramatic music) A naval expeditionary force and readiness. (guns loading) Extremely adaptable and agile. Prepared to operate inside contestant maritime spaces. Built to win our nation’s battle and create order from chaos. Anytime, anywhere. The Fleet Marine Force is forward deployed and forward posture. Detouring potential adversaries and safe guarding key maritime terrain. (guns shooting) We are first on the scene, first to help, first to contain a brewing crisis. And if required to do so, first to fight. We work and fight in partnership with the Navy. Which makes us instantly mobile, amphibious, and lethal. And our self sustained forces are able to keep peace, bring aid, or take the fight anywhere on the planet. For as long as it takes to buy time, create decisions list, or enable our larger joint forces. We are flexible, scalable, and we practice warfare that out maneuvers adversaries, and exploits vulnerabilities. But, a force like this is about more than mobility or equipment, it’s about Marine’s. Recruiting and retaining the very best defines who we are. We seek selfless young men and women of character and virtue. And challenge them to earn our title. Marines’ themselves are the greatest weapons in our arsenal. Each polished and capable, battle tested, determined to win. (dramatic music) [Male soldier’s] You must give 100 percent of yourself at all times. [Female Soldier] And never quit or give up. – Steeped in our core values of honor, courage, and commitment. Marine’s bring moral, physical, and intellectual strength to every situation. And when their time in uniform is done, they use those qualities to continue to serve their communities. But before Marine’s can ever fight our battles, (soldiers hollering) They learn to work together to overcome doubt, fear, and weakness. And become capable of making smart and decisive combat decisions. It’s a special skill honed across more than 240 years of defending this nation. (guns shooting) And it’s made the Marine fighting spirit (guns shooting) legendary. (dramatic music) Strategic environments are changing. Characterized by evolving technologies and a fight for accurate information. It’s a chaotic environment that calls for a next generation approach. As the world’s premiere naval expeditionary fighting force. We operate across air, land, sea, and cyber-space. Embracing information environment operations and integrating as part of the combined joint force. Marine’s bring unmatched combined arms capability. (bomb’s exploding) From the great battles of the past and to those ahead that will surely test our nation. The Marine’s exist now and have always existed for a singular purpose. To fight and to win. And as our world becomes more complex, we’ll continue to build a fighting force. That can counter every threat to our country. (dramatic music) This is your Marine Core. (dramatic music) These are your Marine’s. (dramatic music)

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