Gun Stocks Shoot Higher After Trump Ignites Base at NRA Convention

By CCN: President Trump did more than just trigger his base when he spoke at the NRA’s annual meeting Friday. He also fired up gun stocks when he dropped the surprise announcement that his administration plans to withdraw the U.S. signature from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

Most of the major gun sellers saw their stock prices move higher following the president’s speech.

Speaking to the NRA faithful, Donald Trump warned that far-left Democrats are hell-bent on coming after their guns. He said that they won’t take them under his watch but that the court system could be a problem.

In referring to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has ruled against his policies numerous times, Trump said:

“One of the greatest threats to the Second Amendment are activist judges. We’re stuck with activist judges who seek to rewrite our Constitution to force their own radical views onto our country.”

Elsewhere during the speech, Trump yanked the United States out of the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty, which regulates weapons sales. The U.S. had signed the treaty during the Obama administration, but Congress had yet to ratify the controversial agreement. more

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