Good Samaritan stops child kidnapping suspect from escaping

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO/CNN) – A mother’s 2-year-old child is safe after a stranger grabbed him on the streets of San Francisco.

Luckily, a quick-thinking good Samaritan prevented the suspect from getting away.

Adam Walker said it happened fast.

He and his wife Sabrina were walking with their son Leo near 17th and Castro Streets in San Francisco on Friday when they passed a mother walking with her young son.

“Shortly after we walked by her, we heard her screaming, yelling for police, for help, saying that someone had taken her child,” Walker said.

Police said 34-year-old Roscoe Holyoake of East Victoria Park, Australia, grabbed the 2-year-old child and started running, but suddenly stopped.

“He put the toddler down, and he smiled at everybody, and then started sprinting,” Sabrina Walker said. more

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