How to protect your child from identity theft

Well before some children take their first math classOpens a New Window. or even learn how to count, they have become victims of identity theft. Javelin Strategy ResearchOpens a New Window.says more than one million children were victims of identity fraud in 2017. ExperianOpens a New Window. says child identity fraud or theft will affect 25 percent of kids before turning 18. Bart McDonough, author of Cyber Smart knows first-hand about child identity theft. His youngest daughter had a tax return filed in her name when she was much younger.

“It’s a serious problem that most people don’t concern themselves with much,” he says. “Children don’t have credit, they are not applying for loans, they don’t have credit cards. It’s a really ripe area because to a bad actor, a social security number is a social security number. In fact, they like the children’s identities better because the odds are they are not being monitored.” more

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