Accenture: Growth With A Sound Business Model


Accenture has a solid history of earnings growth with more growth forecast for 2020.

The company’s management is actively seeking out new markets to boost its future growth.

Accenture has a sound business model and focuses on both organic growth and acquisitions.


Accenture plc (ACN) provides technological consulting services to large organizations around the globe. The company has a solid history of growth which is expected to continue through to 2020.

Accenture is well managed with a sound business model that focuses on both organic growth and acquiring their competition (whenever economically viable). Accenture’s business model may also provide some earnings shielding during periods of economic weakness.

The stock is somewhat expensive but most good growth stocks are expensive; as investors are happy to pay for future earnings growth. In my opinion, Accenture would make a sound investment with future capital gains potential.


Accenture has reported financial results for the first quarter ending November 2018 (data from Seeking Alpha and Yahoo). Note: Accenture’s financial year starts in September.

The company’s revenue was up 5.5 percent and its earnings were up 9.5 percent from the same quarter last year. Over the last five years, Accenture’s revenue has grown 6.9 percent per year and its earnings have increased by 9.3 percent per year. more

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