Why Raytheon May Be The Biggest Winner In The Pentagon’s New Missile Defense Plan

On January 10, President Trump rolled out the results of his administration’s long-awaited missile defense review.  In the process, he committed the administration to a more vigorous posture in defeating missiles launched against the American homeland, U.S. troops stationed overseas, and key allies.

It is a complicated plan, aimed at countering not just ballistic missiles—the traditional threat—but also airborne “cruise” missiles and emerging hypersonic weapons.  Moreover, it would seek to track and intercept weapons threatening U.S. interests whether their reach is local, regional or intercontinental.  A diverse array of programs will be needed to meet the challenge, run by the Army, Air Force, Navy and defense agencies.

Amidst all this complexity though, one common thread is noticeable.  Defense contractor Raytheon seems to be involved in every missile defense program that matters.  Its corporate footprint in the missile defense mission area is bigger than anyone else’s, and looks poised to grow even bigger in the years ahead. more

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