Remembering Senator John McCain

Our essence as humans calls upon each of us to slow down, almost involuntarily, and think about life when faced with personal tragedy or death. In the case of Senator John McCain, I asked my own self, what is that I think about when I heard of his recent passing. As with most of us, when the initial shock has dissipated, you think of family. How is his family doing? Do they have support from friends and family? Do they need anything? From everything that I learned about this man through the public news, never having met him, shaken his hand, or witnessed his many public speeches, he appears to have been a very thoughtful, strategic, principled, hard working man, who grew to become more inclusive.
He understood the future strength of America was not in its separation of people but how Americans come together to solve problems, find comprehensive rich and balanced solutions that all can benefit from – not just the wealthy. He came to understand that the weak, undereducated or underemployed was more of a strategic imperative of enlightenment, and raised the conscience of “brain lock,” a form of, at all cost, party first thought. He was an outlier, that ultimately lead!

Senator John McCain provided each of us wisdom and common sense leadership. He was a man who continued to grow his intellect, and capacity to change all the way to the end of his life. He also taught each of us that it’s ok to stand on principle, whether he received the support of his peers or not. Principle steeped in the good of all is always a firm rock to stand on. He stood on it proudly. Lastly, as a veteran, I must say thank-you for your service in the military and beyond as a Senator. It was a pleasure!

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