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Top Travel Sites Fail Basic Security Test: How to Protect Yourself

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Unfortunately, as we’ve learned from the Orbitz data breach in March, travel websites aren’t immune to hackers. In fact, according to a recent survey of the world’s most popular travel-related sites, 89% of the surveyed sites may even be putting their users’ accounts at risk because of inadequate password requirements. While six out of 55 websites – 11% of websites surveyed – passed the test by achieving a score of 4/5 or better (Airbnb, which finished on the top, was the only site to achieve 5/5), the other travel-related websites in the survey, which included the likes of big-name travel websites ExpediaHotels.comTravelocityTripAdvisorOrbitz and more, fell under the 89% umbrella. The survey, which was carried out by password manager Dashlane, ranked all sites based on five criteria, with the goal of creating rankings that correlate to password and account protection levels. Keep reading to find out more about how these travel sites failed the basic security test, and, most importantly, learn what you can do to better secureyour travel website accounts.  more

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